Matthew's Gospel in Sylheti - DVD

হজরত ইছা আল-মসী
Hozrot Isa Al-Mosih: Tan Zindegi ar Talim / Jesus the Messiah: His Life and Teaching - DVD

  • The full narrated text of Matthew’s Gospel translated into Sylheti, the language of the vast majority of Bangladeshis living in the UK
  • the same illustrations as used in the printed edition
  • can be used together with the book or on its own
  • ideal for Bangladeshis who speak Sylheti but may not be able to read their language
  • almost 3 hours play time. PAL DVD
  • comes in a cardboard wallet enclosed in shrink-wrapped plastic

Our single copy price: £3.00
Joseph (Hazrat Yusuf) Ruler of Egypt حضرت یوُسف عزیزِ مصر (in sleeve)

This DVD contains the text of Genesis chapters 37-50 from the Bible in Mirpuri/Pahari. It is narrated on a DVD depiction of the account. It comes in either a clear plastic sleeve (£1 each) or a box (£1.20 each).

Our single copy price: £1.00
3 Mirpuri films - bargain pack

All 3 Mirpuri films (Joseph, Luke's gospel & God's story) in sleeves - in one bargain bundle. Save 15%

Our single copy price: £4.00