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God's Story in Mirpuri / Pahari, Sylheti, Urdu and English

A 76-minute audio-visual presentation of the message of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in the four languages most relevant to Asians in the UK.

  • Urdu is the deeply-respected language of education and religious study used by many Pakistanis, Indians and some Bangladeshis in the UK.
  • Mirpuri/Pahari is the heart-language of the majority of UK Pakistanis.  [It is sometimes called Potohari, Potwari, Kashmiri, Apni Zabaan, simply Mirpuri or Pahari, or even confused with Punjabi or Urdu.]
  • Sylheti is the heart-language of the Bangladeshis of the UK. It is distinct from Bengali / Bangla.
  • English is, of course, understood widely.
Single DVD in plastic slip.

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Our Price : £1.00
Portrait of Jesus سیرت المسیح

2 audio CD set. The life of Jesus depicted in passages from the Gospels, narrated using the newest Urdu translation from the original Greek (Urdu Geo Version – UGV).

Narrated in a single, male voice. No music included.
In a double, folded plastic slip.

Only £3 each (10 or more for £2.80 each) + shipping.

(The Urdu Geo Version translation uses easy to understand, modern Urdu. The religious terminology used is generally the more-widely-used words of Arabic origin.)

Want to know what passages are included? Click here.

Our Price : £3.00
Matthew's Gospel in Sylheti - DVD

হজরত ইছা আল-মসী
Hozrot Isa Al-Mosih: Tan Zindegi ar Talim / Jesus the Messiah: His Life and Teaching - DVD

  • The full narrated text of Matthew’s Gospel translated into Sylheti, the language of the vast majority of Bangladeshis living in the UK
  • the same illustrations as used in the printed edition
  • can be used together with the book or on its own
  • ideal for Bangladeshis who speak Sylheti but may not be able to read their language
  • almost 3 hours play time. PAL DVD
  • comes in a cardboard wallet enclosed in shrink-wrapped plastic

Our Price : £3.00