God's Story in Mirpuri / Pahari, Sylheti, Urdu and English

A 76-minute audio-visual presentation of the message of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in the four languages most relevant to Asians in the UK.

  • Urdu is the deeply-respected language of education and religious study used by many Pakistanis, Indians and some Bangladeshis in the UK.
  • Mirpuri/Pahari is the heart-language of the majority of UK Pakistanis.  [It is sometimes called Potohari, Potwari, Kashmiri, Apni Zabaan, simply Mirpuri or Pahari, or even confused with Punjabi or Urdu.]
  • Sylheti is the heart-language of the Bangladeshis of the UK. It is distinct from Bengali / Bangla.
  • English is, of course, understood widely.
Single DVD in plastic slip.

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Luke's Gospel in Mirpuri / Pahari - سیرت المسیح

The text of Luke's gospel narrated with video (as seen in "Jesus" film) 3-DVD set.
With an estimated 1 million speakers, Mirpuri is the heart-language of the majority of Pakistani background living in UK. It is also commonly called "Pahari" or "Apni Zabaan". This is the first part of the Holy Bible ever translated into Mirpuri.
Supplied in black, triple DVD box.
The enclosed booklet (written in English and Mirpuri) details each passage. So it is very easy to play a particular miracle, parable, event or chapter.
Running time: 4 hours 10 minutes

Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Our single copy price: £1.50
Joseph (Hazrat Yusuf) Ruler of Egypt حضرت یوُسف عزیزِ مصر (in sleeve)

This DVD contains the text of Genesis chapters 37-50 from the Bible in Mirpuri/Pahari. It is narrated on a DVD depiction of the account. It comes in either a clear plastic sleeve (£1 each) or a box (£1.20 each).

Our single copy price: £0.50