Joseph (Hazrat Yusuf) Ruler of Egypt حضرت یوُسف عزیزِ مصر (in box)

This DVD contains the text of Genesis chapters 37-50 from the Bible in Mirpuri/Pahari. It is narrated on a DVD depiction of the account. It comes in either a clear plastic sleeve (£1 each) or a box (£1.20 each).

Our single copy price: £1.20
3 Mirpuri films - bargain pack

All 3 Mirpuri films (Joseph, Luke's gospel & God's story) in sleeves - in one bargain bundle. Save 15%

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The Great Sacrifice [pack of 100]

This leaflet starts with Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son - as described in both Qur'an and Bible. It argues that the "great sacrifice" mentioned in the Qur'an must be Jesus, then moves on to the Suffering Servant passage in Isaiah 53.
Especially appropriate for use around Eid ul Adha - the festival of sacrifice. This falls around September 11th or 12th in 2016
By Steven Masood. Revised.
Tri-fold leaflet.
Combines very appropriately with our Lamb of God Eid cards
Packet of 100
(Also available in packs of 10)

Our single copy price: £8.00