Mirpuri / Pahari is the mother-tongue and heart-language of 70% - 80% of UK's Pakistani population. Its 1 million speakers make it UK's second most widely spoken language. It is an unwritten language. This is why our materials are audio visual.
Mirpuri / Pahari has its origins in the Mirpur and Kotli districts in Azad Kashmir - the area where most UK Pakistanis have their roots. It is different from the language of education and commerce (Urdu) and the language of the area to the south (Punjabi).
Although a few enthusiasts have started to write Mirpuri / Pahari (using Urdu script with additional letters), it remains basically unwritten. The written language used by these folk is Urdu. So, if you wish to give a calendar, it should be in Urdu. (The Gurumukhi script used in our Punjabi calendars is an Indian script, unknown to all but a very few Azad Kashmiris.)