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Qur'an Word Studies Qur'an Word Studies

by Jeremy Hinds. 11 brief studies that you can look at with your Muslim friends. 12 or 8 pages per study booklet

  1. Is the Bible corrupt:
  2. Is God our Father
  3. Trinity: Do the Christians worship three gods?
  4. The "Death" of Christ
  5. Kaffaratun: Atonement in the Qur'an
  6. Did the Christians remove the name of Muhammad from the Bible
  7. Siratu'l Mustaqim - The straight patt
  8. Peace and Surrender (Salam & Islam)
  9. God's act of saving men - A study of the Arabic root 'njw' in the Qur'an
  10. 'Hadith' and 'Sunna': Tradition and custom according to the Qur'an
  11. The Holy Spirit in the Bible and the Qur'an
  • Bible index
  • Qur'anic references
  • Designed for photocopying. License included.
  • In strong cardboard wallet (as pictured)
If you haven't got a set, we recommended you buy one. These issues arise repeatedly in contact between Muslims and Christians

This is old stock, so the price is massively reduced. The price does not reflect the value of the material included.

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Qur'an Course by Jeremy Hinds Qur'an Course by Jeremy Hinds

Excellent introduction for the Christian who wants to seriously study the Qur'an itself.
Designed for use with "Meaning of the Glorious Qur'an" by M Pickthall, but can be used with any English translation of the Qur'an
A self-study course with spaces for your own answers and notes.
A4 size 112 pages
Old stock - so price massively reduced

Usually sent within two weeks
List Price: £5.00
Our price: £1.00
Savings: £4.00