Eid card (Lamb of God) large
Eid card (Lamb of God) large

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An attractive Eid card, especially suitable for Eid ul Adha (Azha) / Qurbani Eid on around 12th August 2019
  • the image on the front includes the original Greek text of John 1:29
  • the Bible texts inside are translations of the Greek text on the front: John (Yahya) saw Jesus (΄Isa) coming towards him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” John1:29 [Most Muslim languages refer to Jesus as 'Isa and to John the Baptist as Yahya]
  • each card contains 7 languages: English, Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Somali and Turkish
  • an excellent discussion starter in three ways...
    • about the fact that the Bible is available in the original languages
    • about Abraham's sacrifice (celebrated on this Eid) pointing forward to the sacrificial death of the Lamb of God ... Jesus
    • can be used with our leaflet on the same theme "The Great Sacrifice" - available in packs of 10 or packs of 100. The leaflet can easily be inserted into the large card's envelope.
  • greeting is "Happy Eid"
  • attractive eastern design
  • A5 size (folded A4). If you'd prefer a smaller, cheaper card, try the small version of this card.
  • supplied with white envelopes
  • extra 20% discount for orders of 10 or more